Gen1toRev22: Genesis 1:3-10, 24 hr Days and Pangea

Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:3-10

Observations from the Context:

God spoke for there to be light and immediately there was light! The light was a good thing and so God separated it from the dark. Light was called day and darkness was called night. Verse 4 is explicit after defining a day, to say that evening and morning took place the first day. It was a literal 24 hour day that created here and each day in the rest of creation. The Hebrew word YOM or YOHM for day here means a normal 24 hour period of time, and is the same word used for Joshua marching around Jericho for 7 days. Even without knowing this little fact about Hebrew, God’s Word is clear that evening and morning took place, fulfilling Day 1.

In Day 2, God creates water. But it is very interesting how the water is described. There is an expanse, literally between an upper and lower waters. Depending on your translation, this expanse is rendered sky, firmament or heavens. Literally, described here is a canopy of waters surrounding the earth that is separated by the sky from the oceans on the surface of the earth. The water canopy would keep the earth at the perfect temperature and control the weather.  Thus, Adam and Even being naked was not uncomfortable because they lived in a perfect world that literally was wrapped with a water layer which was like a greenhouse.

In Hebrew there are three references for the word heaven. One is the Heaven were God dwells, another is outerspace (including all the stars and planets) and the third is the sky. Looking carefully at the context, helps us understand which one is being referred to. We do the same thing today with the word love. If I say I love my mother, I love my friend and I love my dog, each time the word means something different.

In Day 3, God gathers the oceans on the surface of the earth into one place and creates dry land. It appears that the land in God’s original creation was pangea, the one world continent that scientists talk of. What happened to the one world continent and the water canopy? The flood easily answers that as the heavens are loosed and the fountains of the deep open up fishers dividing the land.


Although Light and Dark are defined in an earthly sense for us here, we see later on that God will call His children, children of the light because light is good. But those who still walk in sin and are in bondage to Satan are called children of the darkness. People tend to have some greater sense of morality in daylight, but in dark places is where many evils take place because people think that they are hidden and secret. However, God sees all and in Heaven one day there will be no darkness.

The Bible is not devoid or contrary to science. Actually, God said these things thousands of years ago before scientists even theorized about such things as Pangea, a water canopy and the beginning of light.

God has arranged every dial perfectly for earth to sustain life. If the sun were closer or hotter we would burn up. If we didn’t have water, life would not exists. If we didn’t have light, we wouldn’t have food nor warmth.

Pray it:

Father, thank You that You are a wise Creator. You have created everything just right. And while we live in a fallen world, Your original world was perfect to a tee. We long for the day when You will return and establish Your Kingdom forever with a New Heavens and a New Earth where we will once again be restored to the paradise of Eden with You. May we continue to be amazed at Your Awesome creations, Lord.

Scripture Sunday: Hebrews 7:25

Hebrews 6:20–8:5—Christ. The writer of Hebrews comes back to the priesthood of Christ again after the parenthetical passage on consecration of the believers. •Pattern of the priesthood: Melchizedek is the pattern. The frequency of the pattern (seven times [5:6; 5:10; 6:20; 7:11; 7:15; 7:17; 7:21] it is distinctly stated that Melchizedek was a pattern of the priesthood of Christ; the foreshadowing of the pattern (in righteousness, in peace, in eternality, and in permanency). •Pre-eminence of the priesthood: it is superior to Aaron’s priesthood which was the priesthood of the Old Testament for the Jews. The superiority of Christ’s priesthood is seen in the descendant in Aaron (he descended from Abraham who paid Melchizedek tithes); in deliverances (Aaron could not make anything perfect but Christ does); in death (Aaron died but not Christ); in dimness (Aaron worked with that which was a shadow of things to come; Christ works with the substance, the real thing). –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Gen1toRev22: Genesis 1:1-2, God

This is the first lesson of our study in the Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 project to study the entire Bible. The plan is to release a new lesson each Tuesday and Thursday right here on the blog. Even if you don’t get to it that day or even that week, it won’t be hard to stay caught up with us.

Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:1-2

Observations of the Context:

The beginning of time was when God created the heavens (space) and the earth. God Himself exists outside of time, but every human being has a beginning. While it is unfathomable to grasp, God had no beginning. Read more

DoesDevos: Will God Act?

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

-2 Corinthians 12:9

It’s easy to imagine that we know what is best for us. We look at circumstances in our life and imagine that if God would jut do *this* it would be far better for us than the current state of affairs. Perhaps we believe that life is just too much for us right now. But God’s grace is sufficient. His power is enough to sustain us if we turn to Him. You may be weak, but God is strong! Trust God when things seem too much. His strength will always be enough.


DoesDevos: Why are you Cast Down?

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation”

-Psalm 42:5

Hope is such a powerful thing. David faced some rather extreme difficulties. From a father-in-law who actually tried to kill him to an enemy culture who wanted him dead, David faced heavy opposition wherever he went. But when David became discouraged, he always had hope. He could forward to the day when he wouldn’t have to deal with those things and could instead simply worship God. That should be our hope as well. Look forward to the day when you can worship God without distraction or worry!


Encouraging Verse Concerning the Situation with North Korea

As the situation with North Korea intensifies and causes us in America to become increasingly concerned, I was reminded tonight in my reading through Isaiah of when Assyria made similar threats against the kingdom of Israel (just with Old Testament period instead of twenty-first century weapons). I came to this encouraging verse and prayer of Hezekiah to the Lord asking the Lord to deliver the kingdom of Israel from Assyria (in which He did). It is an encouraging prayer for us to pray in our day with the situation in North Korea, asking the Lord to deliver us just as He delivered Israel.

Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 Project

The entire Word of God is God’s Word and worthy of our study. I don’t know about you, but often I have said that and preach that, but am I actually ministering that way?
By God’s grace, I am beginning a goal to teach through the entire Bible. I don’t know how we will study it all, but I share initial thoughts on this journey in this short video. I invite you to join me in studying God’s Word together.

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Scripture Passage Luke 1:1-4

Scripture Passage: Luke 1:1-4

Observations on the Context: Luke was Paul’s traveling companion, probably Greek and Paul’s personal physician. Luke is not only an educated doctor but a detailed historian who authored the Gospel account of Luke and the book of Acts.

Luke clearly presents his preface that he has set in order a narrative of what has been accomplished among those in His day by Jesus Christ.

There were still living eyewitnesses and ministers (likely the original 12 Disciples/Apostles and others who walked with Jesus while He was physically on this earth) who had delivered Jesus message. Luke’s account was not a concocted story, but rather a carefully researched one.

Luke writes his historically researched and backed by eye-witnesses account to the Greek Theophilus. Why? So that Theophiluscould have certainty about the Gospel he has already been taught.

Application: Luke is the most historically researched Gospel account in the Bible.

It is the place to send Christians longing for certainty in their faith, like Theophilus, and skeptics who want the historical evidence – it is clearly presented here in Luke. John focuses on a relationship with God to an Asian audience, Mark shows Jesus’ fast paced ministry to the cross to the Romans, and Matthew shares that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah Israel has awaited. Each had different original audiences.

Prayer: Father, Thank You for this book of the Bible with such a clear and encouraging reason for why we have it. Help me to search Your Word and find certainty. Father, give me wisdom to expose what Luke says to skeptics I meet. Father, help me be patient with those who have been taught the Gospel but are yet not confident and certain, like Theophilus was. O Lord, teach me by Your Spirit as I study the Gospel account of Luke.

Study the Bible: Luke 13:6-9

Scripture Passage: Luke 13:6-9

Observations from the Context: There was not fruit being produced by the tree (person) for 3 years. Jesus intercedes for another year, fertilizing and tending the tree to bear fruit. But if it does not, it will perish at the end of the fourth year.

Application: I need to have the same heart as Jesus in discipleship.

More patience and patience that intercedes on others behalf, giving them more time to produce spiritual fruit.  . . . yet if they persist after a great length of time to have barren lives, I am to move on like Jesus to tend (disciple, invest in) another tree.

Pray it:

Father, give me a heart like Christ’s that will patiently bear with people and tearin them. For 3 years Your own disciples didn’t get it and produced little if any fruit. But you did not give up on them. In their 4th year, they bore much fruit. Father, deal so with me. And give me wisdom to know when it is time to stop waiting for fruit and to move on to a fresh garden to tend. Because of Your Son, I pray, amen.