Christianity Anyone? Anyone?

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Anyone? Anyone?
    In this day of such lawlessness and despising of the Almighty, Jesus still remains Lord of all. We can ask a question to the masses which can be summarized as “Christianity: Anyone? Anyone?”
      At times it feels like there may not be anyone who even wants to come to Christ anymore—as if all are hardened to the message of the Gospel. But by God’s grace, through the work of the person of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel is still going out to all the earth.
       In America, we’re asking the question—does anyone want to be a Christian anymore? We mean, a real Christ-follower, someone who has a relationship with Christ and is on a path of holiness out of love for the Savior—for without holiness no man will see the Lord.
       Few seem to be on fire with a real, living, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ these days. The culture views Christianity as legalistic rules and solemn faces. In return, many in churches have compromised Biblical truth in an attempt to create hype and “relevance” that will draw the masses in. This has never worked, but it also has weakened the Faith of many.
        Is a shallow faith in Someone who loves you all that Christianity is about? No, true Christianity has at its root the foundation of the sovereignty of God; the sinful rebellion of man; forgiveness, restoration and redemption in Christ Jesus—the Gospel; and holiness without which no man will see the Lord following initial salvation. Let’s look at these four items.
      First, the sovereignty of God.
     God Almighty rules over everything: He is both the Creator and Sustainer of all and perfect Holiness, that is, there is no error in Him. Sin, imperfection, rebellion, error—it is all eaten up in His righteous presence. If God is not all-powerful, all-mighty, all-knowing, all-sustaining, and a mighty judge then Christianity crumbles.
      Second, the sinful rebellion of man.
      The truth is that all mankind has rebelled against God. We are all violating His perfect design of things: both in our individual lives and corporately. We have sinned—we have transgressed, broken, violated the Holy Law of God. Therefore, we are in rebellion to Truth and Life. We are on a path to death.
       Third, forgiveness, restoration, and redemption in Christ Jesus—the Gospel.
       Jesus died so that we could be restored back into right standing with God—into intimate relationship with Him. Jesus took all our violations of God’s perfect standard upon Himself, our sins, and redeemed us. He bought us back by paying our debt on the Cross and He forgave us.
       Fourth, holiness without which no man will see the Lord following initial salvation.
        When we first come to Christ Jesus, and admit that we are sinners and need Him to be our Savior, we are instantly justified—it is just as if we never sinned—for Jesus completely forgives us, He purifies us. However, salvation does not end there. That is just the beginning.
         Jesus is our Savior, but He also made it very clear that He must be Lord as well if we are truly saved. Jesus must be our Master, our King. In short, Jesus calls the shots and we obey. Holiness is a term that has suffered much rebuke and disdain in recent years, but holiness is God’s plan for us. Scripture clearly says without holiness no man will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).
          To put it simply, holiness is living like God wants us to. It is not perfection for we cannot achieve on our own what Jesus has already saved us from for violating. Jesus is our holiness on one hand as we stay in close relationship (abide) with Him. On the other hand, holiness does demand an act of our own will to reject the things of this world and be set apart unto God. Scripture teaches that we are strangers in this world, we are citizens of heavens. We don’t fit in here, but that is find because we have an eternal home!
     To those reading I ask, “Here is Christianity in a nut shell—I’ve just laid it out for you. Will you run to Christ? Will you embrace the truth? Anyone? . . . Anyone? . . .”
       Cry out to Jesus, ask Him to save you from your sinful state that deserves Hell—that’s where your Christianity begins. Repent.
       Now to grow and learn more about holiness and make Jesus your Lord (living out your salvation after it has begun) find a Bible-believing Church, spend time with other Christians (O fellowship is so sweet!), and get and read a Bible.
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–Ryan M Marks, 2014

Ryan Marks

Ryan Marks is Director of Focusing on the Mark Ministries and an Author, Bible Teacher, and Support Specialist. He has a passion for discipleship and Bible study. You'll find him contributing to FMM as a blogger, video teacher, and podcaster. Ryan holds a B.A. in Communications from Thomas Edison State University and is a seminary student at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary studying theology and Christian education. Ryan enjoys hiking through nature, reading, and spending time with his family and local church. Ryan hopes to one day serve a Christian university or online program helping prepare students for Christian education and to continue writing books and curriculum to help the local church make disciples. Ryan's business endeavors and bio can be found on

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