Gen1toRev22: He Did Everything

Scripture Passage: Genesis 7:5-6

Observations on the Context:

Again the statement that Noah did everything God commanded Him is made. He simply obeyed God. And Noah was a 600 year old man!

We also notice the detail that Noah was 600, when the flood waters came. With such a detailed genealogy in Genesis, it affords us the ease of calculating when the Flood took place. God is a God of order and, while sovereign and omniscient, records things for us in His Word in a simple manner and provides a teacher for His people to tutor them.

Apply It:

No matter what your age happens to be, you can still simply just do all God has commanded you. What has He commanded you? To obey His Word, the Bible. You don’t need to be a world changer, you just need to be obedient & faithful even if you are the only one in the whole world—like Noah.

Pray It:

Father, I long to be obedient, to be faithful but I am a sinner who can do nothing in my own strength. Cause me to abide in You that I may bear fruit by Your Spirit (John 15). Amen.

Ryan Marks

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