I Call Double Standard- Holiday Practices

I Call Double Standard– Holiday Practices

This particular lesson was originally posted on October 31st because of the reality that Halloween is the most condemned holiday within the Christian community. Two weeks before today I was already seeing posts about “fake Christians” taking their kids to go trick or treating. Or how “real Christians” don’t celebrate Halloween. This is just typical self–righteous condemnation and I’m writing this article to point out all the implications that will make this person judge themselves as “fake Christians” by their own standard. I’m using the scenario of Halloween to reveal these implications, not defend it.

The point is to teach a principle that can be applicable to other scenarios than just the ones I go over. This point of this teaching is to attempt to teach people to think about the implications of their condemnation before they pronounce a greater judgement on themselves. As my martial arts teacher put it in a conversation about this the other day, “Judging others’ transgressions is 20/20; judging ones’ own transgressions is 0/20.”


My Story

Many people complain about and protest Holiday practices. After my family became heavily involved with our Church we stopped going trick or treating, stopped eating ham on Easter; started calling Easter, Resurrection Sunday; started calling Halloween, Reformation Day. Etc. The idea was because these holidays were paganized and therefore should not be celebrated in any way.

I’m calling double standard on how there were some paganized practices that people (including myself and my family) condemned as unholy but others that were given the green light. Trick or treating on Halloween was a one–way ticket to Hell because of its pagan roots but putting up, decorating and gathering around the Christmas tree for presents was A–okay. Both are pagan practices, by this line of logic myself and my family were being hypocrites. Using the umbrella term “pagan” to judge something is ignorant. If you really want to live a life free of paganism start getting rid of the Christmas presents and tell your kids there will be no presents this year.


Other Double Standards I’ve Come Across 

Even if you did not demonize it solely for the pagan practices as I did you could still be a hypocrite under the right circumstances. You could argue that it is a safety hazard. In the other 364 days a year you would never let your kids take candy from people you barely know. I can respect this reasoning. Especially for people who live in dangerous neighborhoods. At the same time the choice is made based on a safety concern not because of a divine proclamation. You have no biblical authority to say it is wicked, only that it is not safe. This is not only subject to the persons neighborhood but also the maturity of the kids and the parenting style of the adults. It is not always unsafe and so this argument is faulty.

You could argue that Halloween is about fear, death and witchcraft. So long as you aren’t watching or reading anything within the horror genre; even the old ones like Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman. You also can’t be reading any literature that references witchcraft or supernatural forces that are not part of the Godhead or his angels in a positive light. For example, Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or the Chronicles of Narnia, various superhero movies or almost every single Disney princess movie. You couldn’t watch or read anything that describes the death or murder of an individual. And for the information of the numerous people who do not read the Bible, the Bible is one of the most violent books ever written. The Bible explicitly explains the death of numerous individuals that can get very graphic in description including the death of our savior. Think of any horrible act you can commit and somewhere in the Old Testament history there is a description of it. These are the types of things people fail to consider when judging others’ choices with entertainment but they can still be applied here as well.



I am not judging all judgement. That would be self–contradictory. I’m judging unresearched, hypocritical and blasphemous judgement. Biblically, Christians are to judge. Logically, humans are to judge. Judgement and condemnation have to exist for there to be any kind of justice or truth in the world. Instead, judge one another with righteous and unhypocritical judgement and really analyze yourself before you start judging someone else’s choices. You may find you need to pull the plank out of your own eye before you can remove the speck from your neighbor’s eye.

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