Scripture Sunday: Habakkuk 2:14

Habakkuk—Judgment for Judah. •Perplexity about the judgment: Habakkuk’s perplexity is summed up in two questions. (1) Why are the wicked not judged? (Habakkuk sees the evil prospering but nothing is happening to the wicked); (2) Why are the wicked performing the judgment (the Babylon army is used by God to bring judgment upon Judah, yet they are more wicked than Judah). •Provoking of the judgment: Israel’s sins provoked the judgment—these sins included pride, drinking (it causes gross evil), oppression (people gain wealth and power through oppression of others), and corrupted worship (people were worshiping idols). •Prayer in judgment: a plea to revive the people and deal with them in mercy. •Purifying from judgment: judgment is to purify the people and this knowledge will help give patience during the time of judgment. •Prospects after judgment: though things look bad in time of judgment, yet Habakkuk rejoices for the blessings that are to come after judgment. –Butler’s Daily Bible Reading

Nathan Parker

Nathan was formerly the President and CEO of Mallard Computer, Inc., a company dedicated to using technology to further the Great Commission, until he dissolved the company late 2017 to prepare for a Ph.D. program. Nathan was homeschooled through the A Beka Academy DVD program and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Ministry at Luther Rice Seminary and a Master of Divinity specializing in Biblical Languages there as well. Nathan plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and teach theology for online programs in Bible colleges and seminaries.

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