pastoral-ministryI am excited to announce my first officially published book. Ichthus Publications was kind to create a fantastic resource from my previous Important Words for Young (And Old) Ministers. It was a joy to work with Ichthus.

Pastoral Ministry: Concise Thoughts for Shepherding the Church – So you’re just starting out in ministry…or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran—either way you know that ministry is much more demanding than you initially thought. What you need is your heart to be stirred again by the gospel, by the Word of God, by the Spirit of the living God. In Pastoral Ministry, you will find devotionally-rich meditations and pithy exhortations designed to strengthen the hands of a minister at the plow and to foster encouragement in one’s daily struggles. May the Lord stir the fire in your heart once again as you continue running the race Christ has marked out for you. And in it all, may you focus on the mark—Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Matt. 6:33).