Scripture Passage Luke 1:1-4

Scripture Passage: Luke 1:1-4

Observations on the Context: Luke was Paul’s traveling companion, probably Greek and Paul’s personal physician. Luke is not only an educated doctor but a detailed historian who authored the Gospel account of Luke and the book of Acts.

Luke clearly presents his preface that he has set in order a narrative of what has been accomplished among those in His day by Jesus Christ.

There were still living eyewitnesses and ministers (likely the original 12 Disciples/Apostles and others who walked with Jesus while He was physically on this earth) who had delivered Jesus message. Luke’s account was not a concocted story, but rather a carefully researched one.

Luke writes his historically researched and backed by eye-witnesses account to the Greek Theophilus. Why? So that Theophiluscould have certainty about the Gospel he has already been taught.

Application: Luke is the most historically researched Gospel account in the Bible.

It is the place to send Christians longing for certainty in their faith, like Theophilus, and skeptics who want the historical evidence – it is clearly presented here in Luke. John focuses on a relationship with God to an Asian audience, Mark shows Jesus’ fast paced ministry to the cross to the Romans, and Matthew shares that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah Israel has awaited. Each had different original audiences.

Prayer: Father, Thank You for this book of the Bible with such a clear and encouraging reason for why we have it. Help me to search Your Word and find certainty. Father, give me wisdom to expose what Luke says to skeptics I meet. Father, help me be patient with those who have been taught the Gospel but are yet not confident and certain, like Theophilus was. O Lord, teach me by Your Spirit as I study the Gospel account of Luke.

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I read The Psalter Reclaimed in its entirety via the Kindle app on my phone during breaks at work and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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