Gen1toRev22: A Way of Deliverance

Scripture Passage: Genesis 7:7-24

Observations on the Context:

In verses 7-10 we see reiterated that all life perished. The Flood was global and catastrophic. The fountains of the deep burst forth and the windows of Heaven (water canopy) was opened. For 40 days and nights rain fell and it wasn’t no sprinkle but a torrential downpour!

Yet God preserved life. He made a way of deliverance, of salvation, for Noah who sought Him.

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Gen1toRev22: Make an Ark, 6:14-17

Scripture Passage: Genesis 6:14-17

Observations on the Context:

God confides in Noah that a worldwide flood is coming which will destroy all life. But God’s will is for Noah and his family to live. So here’s what God instructs them to do, build an ark. A boat with three decks (verse 16), out of a specific type of wood (verse 14) and covered inside and out with pitch (verse 14). In addition, God gives the dimensions of the Ark. Now, the Lord instructs Noah according to cubits. A cubit is the distance from the elbow to the middle finger. Usually it is around 18 inches and at times in ancient history was slightly above 20 inches. Regardless, lets be conservative and assume an 18-inch cubit. That would put the Ark at 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall. Skeptics attack these dimensions and say that the boat would be too big. Well, take a look at this chart from AiG, now the Ark is not inconceivable:

Apply It:

God loves those who walk with Him. He alone preserves their life.

It is interesting to note later on in this section of Scripture some similarities with the New Testament. There is one door into the ark which is sealed shut by the finger of God. Jesus Christ is the one way to eternal life and our place in Heaven is sealed by God’s promise. The ark was covered inside and out with pitch. We are covered by the blood of Jesus when we trust in Him for salvation. The ark is a vessel to preserve from global judgment. Salvation preserves us from eternal judgement.

Do you see redemption’s fingerprints in the Flood account?

Pray It:

Father, thank You that You love those who walk with You. Father, You preserve the lives of those who are Your people; You spare them from judgment that the world deservers. Thank You for Your mercy, Father. May I walk with You as Noah. May I obey as Noah did. Lord, may I believe as Noah did. In Jesus name, amen.