Gen1toRev22: God Confides in Noah, Genesis 6:11-13

Scripture Passage: Genesis 6:11-13

Observations on the Context:

The stage is being set for judgment. A worldwide flood will ensue. The earth is corrupted and violent. God sees it as such. What a sorrowful and painful thing that must have been in the Holy Creator’s sight! All flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. Twice in verses 11 and 12, God’s sight is referred to. Nothing is hidden from God’s sight and He saw the wickedness that was rampant on the earth. Read more

Noah’s Legacy and Progeny

Scripture Passage: Genesis 6:9-10

Observations on the Context:

The book of Noah’s generations is the record of his lineage. Noah was a godly man. Above reproach before the ungodly. A man who sought the Lord. What an incredible testimony Noah had and what a blessing that God used this godly man as a hero of the faith to preserve the human race. Noah only had three children, Shem, Ham and Japheth. It is interesting that Noah lived so long and yet only had three children. This can be an encouragement to Believers today that God may not give you many children although you have a long marriage. Read more

Gen1toRev22: Genesis 1:3-10, 24 hr Days and Pangea

Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:3-10

Observations from the Context:

God spoke for there to be light and immediately there was light! The light was a good thing and so God separated it from the dark. Light was called day and darkness was called night. Verse 4 is explicit after defining a day, to say that evening and morning took place the first day. It was a literal 24 hour day that created here and each day in the rest of creation. The Hebrew word YOM or YOHM for day here means a normal 24 hour period of time, and is the same word used for Joshua marching around Jericho for 7 days. Even without knowing this little fact about Hebrew, God’s Word is clear that evening and morning took place, fulfilling Day 1.

In Day 2, God creates water. But it is very interesting how the water is described. There is an expanse, literally between an upper and lower waters. Depending on your translation, this expanse is rendered sky, firmament or heavens. Literally, described here is a canopy of waters surrounding the earth that is separated by the sky from the oceans on the surface of the earth. The water canopy would keep the earth at the perfect temperature and control the weather.  Thus, Adam and Even being naked was not uncomfortable because they lived in a perfect world that literally was wrapped with a water layer which was like a greenhouse.

In Hebrew there are three references for the word heaven. One is the Heaven were God dwells, another is outerspace (including all the stars and planets) and the third is the sky. Looking carefully at the context, helps us understand which one is being referred to. We do the same thing today with the word love. If I say I love my mother, I love my friend and I love my dog, each time the word means something different.

In Day 3, God gathers the oceans on the surface of the earth into one place and creates dry land. It appears that the land in God’s original creation was pangea, the one world continent that scientists talk of. What happened to the one world continent and the water canopy? The flood easily answers that as the heavens are loosed and the fountains of the deep open up fishers dividing the land.


Although Light and Dark are defined in an earthly sense for us here, we see later on that God will call His children, children of the light because light is good. But those who still walk in sin and are in bondage to Satan are called children of the darkness. People tend to have some greater sense of morality in daylight, but in dark places is where many evils take place because people think that they are hidden and secret. However, God sees all and in Heaven one day there will be no darkness.

The Bible is not devoid or contrary to science. Actually, God said these things thousands of years ago before scientists even theorized about such things as Pangea, a water canopy and the beginning of light.

God has arranged every dial perfectly for earth to sustain life. If the sun were closer or hotter we would burn up. If we didn’t have water, life would not exists. If we didn’t have light, we wouldn’t have food nor warmth.

Pray it:

Father, thank You that You are a wise Creator. You have created everything just right. And while we live in a fallen world, Your original world was perfect to a tee. We long for the day when You will return and establish Your Kingdom forever with a New Heavens and a New Earth where we will once again be restored to the paradise of Eden with You. May we continue to be amazed at Your Awesome creations, Lord.

Gen1toRev22: Genesis 1:1-2, God

This is the first lesson of our study in the Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 project to study the entire Bible. The plan is to release a new lesson each Tuesday and Thursday right here on the blog. Even if you don’t get to it that day or even that week, it won’t be hard to stay caught up with us.

Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:1-2

Observations of the Context:

The beginning of time was when God created the heavens (space) and the earth. God Himself exists outside of time, but every human being has a beginning. While it is unfathomable to grasp, God had no beginning. Read more