Why God?

In a recent assignment for seminary, I was assigned a reflection of America’s Four Gods in response to the question, Why God?

In America today, “God” means many things. Paul Froese and Christopher Bader set out to understand “how God is understood literally” in America and “what we talk about when we talk about God.”[1] People create descriptions of what they believe God to be but they also have a lifestyle and worldview that reflect what they truly believe; and it is these two elements, Froese and Bader have integrated into their research in America’s Four Gods.[2] The perception of God in America generally is based on individual experience.[3] Yet there is a degree of tolerance. Thomas Jefferson said, “While I claim a right to believe in one God, I yield as freely to others that of believing in three.”[4] Yet when God is spoken of Americans mean something. From their research, Froese and Christopher propose four views of God in America: Read more