Be Informed about Spiritual Warfare for Christian Leaders

Quote: 13 Truths About Spiritual Warfare For Leaders

Our pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists and preachers and any Christian in a position of leadership on this earth are prime targets for spiritual attacks. Satan cannot harm us without God’s permission (study the book of Job) but that doesn’t mean that Satan and the demons do not tempt us. They do tempt and there is spiritual warfare that goes on in the supernatural (Daniel 10). This helpful article can help us pray for our leaders.

Is Satan Winning in Your Church

Article: 10 Ways the Enemey Gets the Upper Hand in a Church

Satan is a roaring lion seeking to devour the weak. If our churches our not strong in the Lord and the power of His might then we will not reflect the design God intends for us. A church that is focused on opinions, traditions, and preferences is one that is losing ground spiritually. this article by Chuck Lawless is very helpful.